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Ray JR premieres New Movie “Legit Paper” at “Cavs” RocketMortgage Field House - Hosted by RICK ROSS

Ray JR premieres New Movie “Legit Paper” at “Cavs” RocketMortgage Field House - Hosted by RICK ROSS

Ray Jr. 

Cleveland, Ohio, May 29, 2021 (TIA NEWS) -- No Fortune is covering filmmaker and producer Ray Jr. who is looking to shed light on his music label with its upcoming film, 'Legit Paper.' The industry giant premieres the first trailer today, featuring some big acts in both the music and film industry. It's directed by Mike Berry, a frequent collaborator. Watch the trailer below. 

Speaking on the film, Ray shares, "I started Legit Paper as a music label in 2006. We had a lot of ups and downs and it turned into a family. From different artists, DJs, producers, and now filmmakers. I took some stories that we went through and made a film about it." 

The film, slated to arrive this summer, features appearances from Bart Fitzpatrick, Lamar Odom, Stalley, and many others. "Working with the cast was very dope. Most of the cast is from Cleveland Ohio. And every day I push my brand to help put my city on the map. My goal is to make superstars from Cleveland Ohio. Big Bank Holly a Rapper from Cleveland really did a great job. Lamar Odom, I met in LA and he asked to be in my next film so when I reached out I really thought it was dope that he pulled up. Everybody had a great vibe and came to work and did their thing." Other actors include YFL Kevin, Christopher Bradley, Pooh Gutta, Roy Lee Patt, and more. 

Watch the trailer below and catch up with Ray Jr. on Instagram for updates on the film. 


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