Welcome to Our careers Center

TIA is a place with a unique sense of family and belonging. It’s why people come—and why people stay

Many of our colleagues spend their careers here. It’s one of the reasons TIA is considered to be among the entertainment industry’s best places to work. At TIA, the belief in the client relationship is paramount–marked by respect, a sense of stewardship, and a commitment to an artist’s entire creative life. Our commitment to every employee is the same. TIA seeks the innovators, the entrepreneurs. The talented, the creative, the thoughtful. And, the passionate, who share our love for the work all of us are privileged to do.



TIA's Agent Training Program is the industry’s best known and most desirable early career development opportunity due to our upfront investment in new hires. We look for curious, innovative and hard-working candidates with impeccable interpersonal and communication skills to join the legacy of successful participants who created a meaningful foundation for their career in the TIA Training Program. 



Do you consider yourself a tastemaker? An advocate? A thought-leader? A consumer of content? If so, TIA is the intersection of your current interests and future opportunities and is a place where you can test your ideas in the marketplace and learn more than you ever imagined.